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Packing and Crating

Cincinnati Packing and Crating Professionals

Let us take care of the packing and the heavy lifting!

Our team of Cincinnati packing and crating professionals will come to your home or office and get a full assessment of the items that need to be packed. On the day of your move, they will bring the proper amount of materials (cartons, boxes, tape, etc.) and pack all of your belongings with the utmost care.

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High quality moving materials

If you want to pack yourself, we can help with that! We can provide a range of high quality moving materials to assist in your relocation: boxes, bubble wrap, mattress protectors, masking tape and moving pads.

If you hire us as your trusted movers for your home or office, our team will use a mix of pallet jacks and dollies to help lift those heavy items. We also utilize shelf carts, which are designed to effectively move a large amount of electrical equipment safely.

Crating services

Need to transport a fragile item?

Our crating service is designed to fit your needs. Our team will take extra care to ensure that your valuable arrives on time and damage-free. We’ll evaluate the shipping destination and help you decide the best method of transportation. We will provide custom packing, blocking and bracing to secure your item in our crates.

Give us a call today with the item you need shipped, and we’ll go over the pricing options.

Whatever your packing or crating needs, the Economy Cincinnati packing and crating professionals have your solution. We look forward to hearing from you!